Sunday, 13 June 2010

We are ready.

World cup excitement has reached fever pitch in my residence. The flat are collecting world cup stickers and our wall chart is now on display. My girl flatmate and I have decided, after much deliberation, to support England. And whilst I love to play the proud Scotswoman card often, this joke made me chuckle. 
Found here.

Brazil have been drawn against Scotland in the World Cup, and Ronaldo tells his team mates that he's going to play them on his own, single-handed.

So they all sod off down the pub, have a few drinks, play some pool, and keep up with the score on Teletext.

They see 'Ronaldo' go 1-0 up after 15 minutes and can't believe it.

Then, in the last seconds of injury time, they see Scotland equalise.

Still more than impressed that one man held a whole team to a draw, they go back to the ground to congratulate Ronaldo, who they find sitting in the dressing room, head-in-hands, looking utterly distraught.

Roberto Carlos asks him 'why are you so upset?'

and Ronaldo replies 'I can't believe I let you all down like this'

Carlos says 'what do you mean? you played an entire team on your own and got a draw. that's incredible!'

and Ronaldo says to him 'no - you don't understand. I got sent off after half an hour'

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Hah! Is there a sport in which Scotland is number one? Tosser the caber? Eating fried Mars Bars? Getting pissed?

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