Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Reason #3 why I love my bf.

Every time we play the lottery she is absolutely convinced that we have won.
This email demonstrates this.

Dear my loves,
Unfortunately we are not multi millionaires.  Although I did have a brief seconds thought while waiting for the page to load thinking about how I would tell you/what I would do if we had one.  I decided on
    -  Leave at 3.30pm. 
    -  Go straight home in the car.
    -  Stop in at _______.  (Valet parking)
    -  Go straight to a personal shopper and get us all a new posh outfit
    -  Buy us some very expensive champers and some other fun accessories for the house
    -  Go home, don't buy a parking ticket unless it is convenient (i.e. unless I had change and there was a space beside the machine) cause lets face it, a parking ticket is a drop in our very wide million pound ocean.
    -  Decorate the lounge only.  Keep you both out of their until you are both home.
    -  Take you in their together and ANNOUNCE the news (imagine; outfits laid out, champagne in ice buckets, big candles, a sky box (for sports and election tonight), possibly a butler)
    -   Change into outfits
    -  Go in private hire car to exclusive hotel for cocktails followed by dinner wherever we can get a nice table.
Or, ditch the shops, go mental the minute you get in, order in food and not worry about the bill/go to Wahaca or somewhere else nearby.  Ditch the masters and GO BIG Lindsey style at the weekend?!!! 

If you had won the lottery what would you do?

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